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We believe in traditional and non-traditional marketing. We are ALL connected so the world is OURS and it is YOURS if you want it to be. 


We write the story, YOU get the glory!
Our technical writing geniuses make it happen for you. 

We'd say it's pretty magical...


We are in the business of getting business and we will do that for YOU. 

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Search Engine Optimization is incredibly important.
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Because at the end of the day, we do what we say.
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20 Years of Experience

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We are on YOUR Team. 

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We are on their team and
we want to be on YOURS. 

At the end of the day,
we do what we say.

Our integrity is based on our actions and our actions are clear.
We do what we promise. Bottom line. 

  • I have never met a person more passionate about marketing and helping her clients than Nichol Vagrosky. Her gifts and talents, matched with her enthusiastic caring and "do whatever it takes" attitude, make Nichol an exceptional choice for your marketing needs. When Nichol commits to achieving a result for you, she will accomplish it! Whatever you need to improve to drive your sales: SEO, new engaging and converting web site, new brand, go to NV Design for great return on your marketing dollars.

    Rob Garibay- Certified Gazelles International Coach at Gazelles International Coaches 

  • Nichol Vagrosky is an example of how professionals should conduct business. She is constantly seeking the best for her clients and she's always looking for a better way to do business, always willing to listen and to learn. She is one of those people that when you begin a new company, you want her on your team to help you get started and with you as you climb the ladder of success.

    Chris Albracht- Communications Specialist

  • Nichol is an exceptional graphic artist and master web-designer! Beyond her superior skills and talents, she is a wonderfully generous person with great character. In doing business with her, I have been inspired by her creativity and passion for what she does. If you are searching for someone to hire or partner with for graphic, web-design, or visual marketing for your company, Nichol is the one to go to!

    Justin Smith- Entrepreneur

  • Nichol Vagrosky is the power, energy and creativity of NV Design & Marketing. Her enthusiasm for her clients and their businesses is quite extraordinary. A rare thing in our world today. I am very pleased with her efforts for my company.

    Tom Douglass- President of Advanced Micro Solutions

  • NV design has done an amazing job helping us get our website up and running. They were there helping us make our vision come to life they went above and beyond to help us make it everything we want it to be. Nichol has done an amazing job getting everything to look so sleek and keeping the same image flowing throughout everything.  She has gone above and beyond to get us where we want to be with our social media and presence online. NV Design does fantastic work and gets it all taken care of in no time. 

    Waggoners' Heating & Air

  • "In working with Nichol Vagrosky, and her team at NV Design, I am more than pleased with the work they have done for me.  My marketing materials and website are second to none.  Rarely have I come across someone who can actually deliver what they say, and, the results speak for themselves.  Nichol's passion for creating truly excellent marketing campaigns is infectious and only inspires me to regain and inject that same kind of passion into my business."

    Rick Hoffman- Owner of Aspen Building Services 

20 Years of Experience and an Amazing Record of Success

We have brought together the best and collectively, we make an amazing team! Incredible talent all under one roof! Meet a few of our lead team members...

Nichol Vagrosky

CREATIVE LEADER-Founder, Web Designer, Graphic Design, Writer

440-3470 | Extension 1

Heather Durbin

Graphic Designer | Account Manager

440-3470 | Extension 2

Nicholas Vagrosky

Social Media | Account Manager

440-3470 | Extension 4

Fernando Gamba

Web Developer

Kendra Burton

Administrative Assistant | Client Liason

440-3470 | Extension 4

Timothy Brashier

IT Expert | MAC Expert

440-3470 | Extension 1












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